We offer:


Emergency Automotive Unlocking: If you're stuck outside of your vehicle, our technicians will get you back in and on the road in no time.
Key Replacement: Dealer key services are ridiculously expensive. Find out how much more affordable a professional locksmith can be. We handle transponder keys, remote controls, GM vat keys and more.
Trunk Unlocking: Whether it's due to a lost key or a malfunction, we can get you back into your trunk without causing any harm to the vehicle.
Key Extraction: Did a key break off in a lock or in the ignition? We can extract the broken key without damaging the lock, and then create a new key for you right on site.
Ignition Repair: An issue with the car not turning over might not require a tow truck and a costly trip to a mechanic. If it's something to do with the key system, our trained automotive locksmiths may be able to handle it at a much more reasonable cost.

A Full-Service Residential Locksmith

Residential lock systems have components that go beyond simple entry locks. 24 Hours Lock and Key is fully trained in all aspects of residential locksmithing and can offer the following services:


Lost Keys / Lockouts: Misplaced a key or otherwise found yourself on the outside of your home looking in? We can restore access quickly and even make new keys on site.
Lock Installation / Repair: We can install all sorts of new locks for you. Want a master-keyed system that runs through the whole house, giving different levels of access to different family members? No problem.
Key Cutting: We are always happy to duplicate keys for you, and this includes certain types of advanced security keys and card systems.
Rekeying: If you need a lock changed due to someone having access to an old key, you may not need a full lock replacement. Contact us to learn about creating new keys for existing locks with a simple swap-out of parts.

Door Installation and Repair: We can install and service all sorts of interior doors such as garage doors, patio doors and more.